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RockSmith 2014 Review: An intuitive tutor!!

Rocksmith 2014 is a music video game produced by Ubisoft. It is a replacement to the 2011 rhythm video game Rocksmith rather than a sequel. The game’s main focus is the feature that allows players to plug in virtually any electric guitar or bass and play. It was announced at Ubisoft’s 2013 E3 presentation. Rocksmith 2014 requires the use of the “Hercules” adapter, a USB cable that connects to the standard 1⁄4 in (6.35 mm) output jack of most electric guitars and basses. Other guitars, such as acoustic guitars, may require additional hardware, such as a pickup. Its available for all 3 major platforms Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC/Mac. While the original Rocksmith was one of the first in the genre to allow players to use real guitars to play the game, it was also hampered by issues. Long load times, a cumbersome interface, and latency issues brought down what was otherwise a strong game that was based on a great technical achievement. Rocksmith 2014 is the sequel, and even its name is geared around the mindset that it’s not merely the same game with a few new toys. Instead, Rocksmith 2014 feels like a reboot of the franchise. It took a lot of the criticism of the previous game to heart, so this title comes across as much stronger.

Rocksmith 2014 features 55 genre-spanning songs for you to learn and practice. Learn a Song has a pretty wide variety of artists that work with all three instrument types – bass, rhythm, and lead guitar. The previous game required an expansion pack to play bass, whereas Rocksmith 2014 includes it as part of the experience. The interface is extremely clean and easy to navigate and load times across the game are nearly non-existent, which are massive improvements over what proved to be a huge barrier in the original Rocksmith. Selecting a song to play will throw you into the track within seconds, without a load screen in between. In addition, nearly all of Rocksmith 2014′s features are unlocked and available to use from the start, and all are within a few button presses of each other. This simplicity made it much easier to get right into the real thing: learning to play the guitar.

RS2014_seassionMode_800x416Rocksmith 2014 will not make you a Guitar God overnight or without any effort. It is hard work and as with learning anything new, you will need to endeavor in order to get anything out of it. If you are truly committed to learning and improving on the guitar, stick with it! You can take Rocksmith 2014‘s 60-day challenge to see what kind of improvement you see in your playing with consistent practice.Rocksmith 2014 offers three different development paths for lead and rhythm guitar as well as bass. It now includes the ability to set song difficulty, rather than having to play the song starting at the lowest difficulty, as in Rocksmith. The game has a Session Mode, which enables players to perform in jam sessions with the in-game musicians. Other new modes include an enhanced Master Mode to help with memory-playing and new Guitarcade minigames.New missions have been added as a way to challenge and direct players towards areas they need improvements.

Conclusion: Mastering an instrument’s never going to be easy, but Rocksmith at least makes the whole process approachable while still providing experienced guitarists plenty of fun tools to experiment with. We highly recommend Rocksmith 2014 on the strength of Session Mode alone. It’s the best approximation we’ve ever seen for playing with a real band, and you don’t have to find a band and schedule time together when you just want to jam for an hour or so.