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Man Plays Guitar During Brain Surgery!

For the first time in medical history, a patient has played the guitar while undergoing brain surgery in the US. As BBC reports, actor and musician Brad Carter started suffering from hand tremors common of Parkinson’s disease in 2006 that affected his guitar playing. After prescribed drugs didn’t work, he was offered surgery to fit a pacemaker into his brain.  “We put the pacemaker in a very specific part of the brain during the surgery, and we keep the patient awake during the surgery to make sure that we got the right spot and that it is stopping the tremor,” says Dr. Nader Pouratian of the procedure.

Keeping the patient awake during surgeries of this kind isn’t new. In fact, Carter was the 500th person to undergo surgery of this kind at the UCLA medical centre. However, it is the first time that someone has played he guitar during the procedure, as Dr Pouratian notes. “He said ‘Can I bring the guitar to the operating room and see if the stimulation makes it better?,’ so we did that, and it was really unique. We haven’t done that before.” While the surgery wont cure Carter’s Parkinson’s disease, it will deliver impulses to help to control his tremors.